We're BETA testing!

Here at emotey.com we've invented and developed a completely unique way for users to interact with their Facebook & Twitter friends. We've developed an exciting way for users to message the people in their life using and the sentiment behind the reason for sending the message in the first place.

Much more exciting though, we've created a way of representing emotion as colour and indoing so developed a product that enables us to seperate emotion from experience to allow us a whole new way of looking at life.

The possibilities and uses for this application are endless.

We are currently Beta testing the site and ask that users are patient while we iron out any issues that may arrise.

Technical Issues?                       email:     errors@emotey.com

Got an improvement idea?         email:     suggestions@emotey.com


Want to get intouch with us about partnering or working with us please email: emoteyteam@emotey.com.




the emotey team.