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emote about the people, events & things that go on in your life to create FREE status updates for Facebook & Twitter!

(Click on 'Color Meaning' to see how a real status updates looks when you click it on FB or Twitter)

send a badge

Send an Emotey Message Badge!

Message the people in your life with a fully interactive message badge thats coloured using the sentiment and feelings behind why your sending them the badge. 


my life

mylife is where we keep all you status updates and your PRIVATE online SPACE that takes keeping a diary or journal to a whole new Interactive level!

color meaning

Colour has meaning at emotey.com

Click below to see how your emotey status might look! STATUS UPDATES make no refference to WHO, WHAT, or WHY you are emoting!

emotey.com codes emotion with colour.
so you can communicate & analyse how you feel in a comletely secure new & exciting way!

emote about your family, friends & the things that go on in your life.
so you create an interesting detailed interactive picture of the emotional you.

(learn how the the day to day stuff that goes on in our lives changes the way we think, see and feel about the people, things & world around us!)

emote each & every day to build up an interactive emotional picture of yourself.
so you can analyse specific, people, groups of people & areas of your life to better understand why you feel the way you feel how you might feel if someting wasnt happening or someone wasn't in your life.

(Being able to seperate your emotions from their causes will help you look at your life more objectively - important if we want to learn from our mistakes!)

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